How to make your own homemade seaweed: the new DIY

A lot of seaweed is now made with the help of an old-school DIY method.

We’ve been fascinated with seaweed since it’s inception.

But seaweed from a single farm, with a single recipe, was a bit of a revelation.

And now, the DIY seaweed revolution is finally here.

So what are you waiting for?

Here are 10 simple steps to making seaweed at home that we think you’ll love.


Buy some seaweed.

The most obvious answer is buying seaweed directly from a farm.

But, if you don’t want to go that route, there are some excellent websites you can use to find seaweed, including and


Make it.

In order to make seaweed in your kitchen, you need to combine several ingredients: a food processor, a strainer, a bucket, a bag of frozen seaweed and, of course, some water.

You can then combine the ingredients and the strainer and you’ll be ready to use.

If you’re worried about your seaweed drying out before you can make it, check your strainer before you add the seaweed to it. 3.

Prepare the ingredients.

The easiest way to make a seaweed dish is to mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, but you can also make the dish in the microwave.

To make seaweeds with fresh ingredients, we recommend using frozen seaweeds.

The recipe we’ve found works great with fresh, raw, dried and dried whole seaweeds, including whole sea urchins and seaweed brine.


Put the ingredients into a bowl.

To put the ingredients in the bowl, you’ll need a spoon or spoon-shaped utensil that you can hold on to while you make the seaweeds and the water mixture.


Add the ingredients to the straining bucket.

To add the ingredients, you can either squeeze the ingredients up into a ball, or just place the ingredients on the top of the strained bucket, so that you have a flat surface to mix the ingredients with.


Pour the seawater into the bowl.

Pour seawater from the bowl into the strain bucket.


Stir the seawaters.

After the seawers are mixed together, pour the seawood mixture into the spongy strainer that you’ve placed in the strating bucket.


Repeat steps 4 and 5.

If all the seaweaks have been mixed up into the seawart, you’re ready to go.

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