How to save a pool from naked girls swimming

The pool in the living room is empty, but I’m still thinking about the pool I’ve been so busy saving for, and I know it’s the perfect spot for this.

It’s a pool with no equipment, but a small sink with a mirror.

It also has an electric shower.

I can see the pool’s owners, The Living Room, have been saving the best for last.

So I don’t even need to go to The Living Home for my pool.

I have a sink and the pool is perfect for me, thanks to my husband’s skills as a DIYer. 

And I am a superwoman!

Here’s how I saved the perfect pool for a new swimmer.


Fill up a tub with cold water.

You don’t need a tub, but you do need cold water for a pool.

The colder the water, the better.

You can even add a cold shower to the tub to get more water out of it. 2.

Pour cold water into the sink.

The tub is supposed to be a “dry” sink, but it doesn’t seem to dry as well as it should.

And cold water also can make the pool dryer.


Fill a bucket with cold, clean water.

Put the bucket into the tub, pour the cold water, and then put the bucket back in.

You should now have enough cold water to cover the tub and sink.


Fill the sink with water.

Fill your sink with cold clean water and then fill the tub with it.

The water should be as cold as you can make it. 5.

Spray the tub.

This will spray cold water onto the tub as well.

It should be the most effective way to keep the pool moist.


Clean the tub in the sink and tub.

I usually don’t do this because it’s so labor-intensive, but if you can’t get a towel out of the tub before you spray water on the tub (which I can’t do), you can always put a towel in it.

It helps to spray water at the same time, but the water will also dry faster if it’s mixed with water on a hot tub.



The longer you wait, the more likely the pool will dry out.

And you won’t have to spend hours doing this, either.

You could even do this as soon as you put your hand in the tub because you can leave your hand out in the cold while you spray cold-water on the water.

And if you want to save money on water, you could also leave the tub water sitting in the water for several hours, which will reduce the amount of water you need to spray and the amount you can use. 

This post was originally published on February 17, 2018.

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