How to find the best Victorian secret swimming holes for the right price

With Australia’s biggest secret swimming hole being at the heart of Melbourne’s most expensive area, the Victoria Secret Swim Spa, we asked the experts at the Melbourne Secret to find a secret swimming spot to suit your budget and interests.

With a total of eight hidden swimming holes scattered throughout the Victoria and surrounds, we narrowed it down to a few to get you started.


The Swan Hills Secret swimming hole is at the centre of Melbourne and has an incredible hidden pool with a waterfall and a large pool.

This secret swimming location is just minutes away from the city and is worth the drive.

It is also very popular with backpackers who are looking for a hidden spot to escape the heat and crowds.

The swimmers are treated to some of the best views from this swimming hole.


Hidden Beach Hidden Beach is a popular secret swimming destination for the city’s backpackers.

This beach is located just off the Swan Hills Expressway and is well connected to the CBD.

Hidden beach is a great place for family and friends to enjoy their swimming excursions together.

It’s also a great way to have a picnic lunch at the beach or get away from all the traffic on the highway.


Hidden Hills Hidden Hills is a hidden swimming hole tucked away in the south of Melbourne.

It has a large indoor swimming pool, which offers plenty of privacy and privacy to enjoy the sun on the beach.

It offers plenty to do in the afternoon and evening, which makes it perfect for family fun.


The Whitsundays Hidden Hills offers a hidden pool and pool deck that is perfect for swimming.

It features two different areas for relaxing, as well as an outdoor swimming pool and a mini-pool with an outside splash area.

It also offers a very good view of the city from the swimming hole as well.


The Blue Mountains Hidden Hills in the Blue Mountains is a perfect secret swimming place for the whole family.

This swimming hole features an outdoor pool, outdoor pool deck and an indoor pool.

The pool has a fantastic view of a river running through the surrounding landscape.

It would be a great choice for a family picnic or just for fun.


The Great River Hidden Hills at the foot of the Great River is a secret hidden swimming spot for those looking for an easy way to get away.

It can be reached from the river by the Whitsunys Creek or by taking the Blue River Trail from the Southbank.

This hidden swimming location has a beautiful waterfall and is accessible by walking along the Whatsunys River.


The Dampens Hidden Hills are a hidden beach in the Melbourne CBD and is a good option for family gatherings.

This private beach has two large swimming pools and an outdoor swim area.

You can get in shape with the water features, which is just perfect for a swim.


The Caulfield Hidden Hills has a great hidden swimming pool for the family.

Located at the end of the Caulfields Expressway, this hidden swimming area is well situated and is ideal for family beach days.

The swimming pool features a large splash area and an out-door swimming pool.


Hidden Lake Hidden Lake is a swimming hole located on the edge of the beautiful Melbourne CBD.

This is a safe swimming hole that is open for the public and is open during daylight hours.

This location is ideal to relax after work, with a large picnic table nearby and lots of privacy.

It allows the public to enjoy this great swimming hole without having to worry about crowds.


The Lakeside Hidden Hills hidden swimming site is located in the heart, and perfect location for a weekend picnic.

It was designed with a swimming pool that has a good view over the city.

This area is also the perfect place for an evening family picnic.


Hidden Pond Hidden Pond is located on an island in the inner-Melbourne CBD.

It boasts a huge pool with an outdoor splash area, and a small pool to relax with a swim or a dip.


Hidden Lakes Hidden Lakes is a lovely hidden swimming place in the northern suburbs of Melbourne that has an impressive swimming pool with outdoor splash.

It gives a great view of both Melbourne and the surrounding CBD.


The Big Beach Hidden Hills, Hidden Hills and the Big Beach are hidden swimming spots in the suburbs of Victoria’s capital city.

It houses a large swimming pool complete with an out door pool and picnic table.

It provides a great escape from the heat.


Hidden Creek Hidden Creek is a private swimming hole with the option to access from the Swan Lakes Expressway.

This large swimming hole has an indoor swimming area and outdoor swimming area.

The area offers a spectacular view of Victoria Falls.


Hidden River Hidden River is an open secret swimming pool located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Melbourne.

The hidden swimming water feature provides a stunning underwater view of Melbourne Bay.

This pool is also a good place for a picnic and for an after work picnic.

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