Swimming pool at a beach in Greece ‘totally destroyed’ by earthquakes

The ruins of a swimming pool at the Greek island of Kerinthos have been completely destroyed by earthquakes, with workers using dynamite to demolish parts of the structure and destroy the foundations.

According to local media reports, at least three people were killed and dozens of people were injured when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the island of Epirus on Tuesday evening.

The Greek island has suffered some of the worst earthquakes to hit the country in recent years, and there have been several earthquakes of magnitude 7.3 or greater.

The latest quake struck at around 8:20pm local time (14:20 GMT), which triggered landslides that cut off power to many parts of Eporia and triggered landslips across the island.

The Associated Press news agency said it was unable to independently verify the reports, which could not be independently verified by Reuters news agency.

The AFP news agency reported that several residents had been killed, with one person reported dead in the town of Kepheris.

According the AP, the damage to the building is estimated at $US4m ($5.3m).

The earthquake was followed by waves of tremors that hit other parts of Greece, including the capital Athens.

Many residents of the capital were also affected, with several houses knocked over and several buildings damaged.

In neighbouring Cyprus, at around 5:30pm local day (19:30 GMT), the main island of Leros was hit by a magnitude 7 earthquake, according to the Associated Press.

The island’s director general of emergency services, Yannis Panagiotakis, said at least 40 people had been injured, with nine of them seriously.

He added that the damage was expected to be significant and that “the impact will be on many families and families of the elderly”.

The earthquake in Greece was preceded by a 7 magnitude earthquake on March 4, 2013, that damaged about 1,100 buildings in the country.

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