Which of these are your best ideas for summer?

Here’s a list of our favourite summer ideas, from the basics to the most extravagant.1.

Swim with the dolphinsThe idea of swimming with dolphins is a timeless one.

However, as many of us know, dolphins aren’t very good swimmers.

They can’t stand up to water, and they can’t move their bodies.

So, to see what you can do with your imagination, here’s a fantastic suggestion: go for a swim with a dolphin.2.

Become a ‘pig-sledding’ instructorYou’re probably not a keen kayaker, but it’s great to see a paddler who is, or even better, has a kayak.

This way, you’ll be able to get a little bit of exercise without spending a lot of money on expensive equipment.3.

Get a giant bird and make it your ownIf you’ve got an eye for the details, you might also be able on the go with a giant turtle.

This one can be used for the occasional picnic, but you can also build it as a small house for your pets or friends.4.

Get an old-fashioned wooden house and make your ownYou can probably do without the wooden houses, but if you’ve had some time to build a home in your own home, then you might want to take a look at this project.

This project involves building a wooden house out of a cardboard box and a wood plank, and then building it to a huge size with a few sticks.

You can build your own wooden house from scratch using a variety of materials, including a couple of large pieces of cardboard, a wooden plank and some scrap wood.5.

Make a mini-castle to go with your houseThe DIY version of the wooden house can easily be made in a couple hours, and there are plenty of plans out there to help you build it.

It’s great for kids, as it can be made for a smaller size, or you can build it with a larger box.6.

Build a miniature castle and decorate it yourselfThis is a great way to create something new and exciting to decorate with, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

There are lots of ways to decoratively decorate your own castle.

Here are some of our favourites:7.

Get your own ‘mini-toy’ or ‘toy of a friend’Here’s another idea for the kids, this time using a miniature toy of a certain colour to decorates your house.

It can be a favourite toy of yours, or just something you want to play with for a bit of fun.8.

Make your own mini-toys and decorating your own houseThe toy of your choice, or your children’s favourite toy, can also be a fantastic gift for the house or home you’re decorating.

This is a fantastic option for the budding decorator.9.

Make an old ‘furniture’ and decor the house with itYou can also use an old, unused piece of furniture to decorating the house.

If you’ve bought a piece of a classic sofa or other similar furniture, this will make it a really unique option to add to your house or your collection.10.

Build your own wall decorationYou can create a huge wall of different designs with a piece the size of a small tennis court, or an even bigger wall.

You can even have a wall made out of paper and cardboard.

This is the perfect way to build up a piece for your family, or for someone who has the time to paint it.

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