Why am I so cold?

The coldest man alive, a Russian man named Andrei Vasilyev, spent his last years in a remote lake in Siberia.

His life expectancy was estimated to be 50 years.

Vasilyov was not the only one who died in such extreme conditions.

The Soviet Union was the only country in the world to not offer a pension to anyone who died of hypothermia.

Vasyruvs life expectancy is the world record for people who have died from hypothermic conditions.

He died of a heart attack in 1984.

Now, some of Vasily’s closest friends are speaking out about his final days and how his life has been changed by the cold.

In this video interview with the Russian broadcaster Channel One, Vasyukov is heard talking about how his friends who were with him were very sad about him, but also how the cold really changed him.

This is a very emotional moment.

Andrei, how did you feel when you finally had the chance to talk to me?

I felt very sad.

How did you end up with this situation?

I think I had a bad case of pneumonia.

We had a terrible winter.

It was very cold.

I didn’t even have a jacket, and I was wearing a pair of jeans.

When we got to the hotel, the receptionist was waiting for me.

She had told me, “Mr. Vasya, I don’t have a room for you.

There is a guest room.”

I was shocked.

When I went to the room, she asked, “What room?”

And I told her, “There is a room with a bed, and a TV in there.”

And she said, “You are going to stay here, too.”

But it was the first time in my life that I actually had to do something for a man, because I didn, I couldn’t have him stay with me.

And she told me: “You can go with him.”

I went with him.

He said: “I am going to take the bath, and you are going with me.”

And then I went out.

I woke up.

And then the cold started.

I tried to go out with him, and he grabbed my arm and started to pull me towards the pool.

I cried.

I started crying and started crying.

And I thought that I was going to die.

When the water got too cold, I started going to the shower.

I couldn.

I could not.

I was so weak.

And when I came out, the doctor said: No.

It’s too cold.

He was telling me: You are not going to get cold.

And he said: You must go home.

I went home.

And that is the first thing that happened.

I had no idea.

That is when I realized: I am not a man anymore.

My friends didn’t understand.

And the next day, the nurses came to see me.

I told them, “I did not know what happened.

Why did you come to see you?”

And they said: I have a question for you.

“And I answered them: “What did you want me to say?

“They said: How long do you think I have to wait?”

I said, I think we have only five or six months.

I thought: “Well, it is not very long.

If I go home, I will go to the hospital.”

I didn?t know what to say.

I asked the nurse: How is it going to be like to go home?

And she answered: The cold is worse than before.

And it is worse because you are not breathing.

It is harder.

And you have no idea what is going to happen.

I said: Why did I stay here?

I said I don?t understand.

They told me that it is a dangerous place.

The nurses told me about what happened in the winter of 1983.

I am really sorry about my friends.

They were very kind.

I think they will forgive me for this.

They are not ready to forgive me.

They have not forgiven me yet.

I have been thinking about my colleagues.

They didn?

t understand what happened to me.

The first thing they said to me was: You have to stay there for five or seven months.

But I had nothing to do with the cold, because they didn?ttimate me to be in the hospital for four months.

And they did not say: Don?t you come back to Moscow?

They said, If you stay here and go home without any problems, you will be sent back to Siberia.

And there is no guarantee that you will have any problems.

You can stay in a room, you can stay on the street, you are never going to have problems with people.

I never wanted to go back.

But my colleagues and friends, they said, you should come back.

And so I went back.

I came back to Russia and then I did the first day of the camp in the camp.

I stayed there for six

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