Apple Watch is not worth buying, according to new survey

Apple Watch sales are not going to rocket past $1 billion this year, according a new survey from Strategy Analytics.

The latest research comes from a new poll of over 10,000 consumers that was conducted by Strategy Analytics, a market research firm.

The survey found that while the Watch had been an “unimpressive” seller so far this year among the market’s “top five” devices, it’s the next best-selling smartphone device.

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus had led the way in the early part of the year, but sales of the Watch and Watch Sport were not expected to accelerate until late this year. 

In the new survey, which was conducted through a live interview and survey with a representative sample of 10,500 consumers, Apple Watch sold 3.4 million units.

The Apple Watch was also the most popular wearable device among men (7.5 million units), but it was behind only the iPhone 6 (7 million units).

The Watch was the most-popular wearable device in both men and women (8.2 million units each), with the gap widening slightly among both groups.

The biggest difference between the Watch Sport and Watch Edition was in its performance in the face-to-face market.

The Watch Sport sold an estimated 12.7 million watches and the Watch Edition sold 5.3 million. 

The survey found the Watch was only one of the four devices to consistently outsell the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ in the past year.

That was the only time the Watch outperformed the Apple Watch and the Galaxy S5, and it was the first time in the history of the company.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note Edge also were outselling the Apple watch.

The Watch also had the largest share of consumers that had a smartphone as their main device.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Plus 3 were also on top, with a combined total of 5.9 million smartphones sold.

Samsung and Apple have long maintained that the Apple iPhone is the best-performing smartphone in the world, and the company has sold more than two million iPhones since the first iPhone launched in 2007.

The new survey shows that while that claim is certainly true, it still isn’t enough to propel Apple Watch to the top of the smartphone sales chart.

As we noted earlier, the iPhone’s popularity is still strong, and many people still believe that Apple’s Watch is the superior product.

Apple still has to deliver a significant improvement to the Apple product to earn back its trust as a trusted brand.

That improvement could come in the form of a new smartwatch, an iPhone upgrade, or the introduction of a premium version of the iPhone.

The next big thing for the iPhone is to finally make a big push into smartwatches and smartwares in general, as well as the Apple TV, Apple TV Mini, and Apple TV Stick.

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