How to handle an animal crossing at your house

An animal crossing can be scary for both the animals crossing and those crossing in the area.

Here are a few tips to help avoid a potential conflict.

What if a animal crosses?

Animal crossings are generally prohibited.

If a dog crosses, the dog may be euthanized.

If an animal crosses a horse, a dog-drawn vehicle (DVR) is permitted.

If the animal crosses an elk, the elk may be killed.

If you see an animal cross in the parking lot, it may be a wild animal.

Animals may cross a road if they’re crossing in an area designated as an ‘active wildlife area’.

If you have a dog, it’s best to leave the dog alone and to stay within your yard.

The Washington State Department of Transportation has a page with detailed information on dog-crossing rules.

Dogs crossing at night: Dogs may be crossing at dusk.

The State Patrol is asking anyone who sees an animal that appears to be a dog to contact the State Patrol at 206-822-5302.

Dogs that have crossed are euthanizing them.

Dogs are also allowed to ride bicycles or run on sidewalks.

You may also call the Washington State Patrol if you have reason to believe your dog is dangerous or aggressive.

The dog may not be in the same yard as the animals.

If it’s the opposite, you should call the State Guard.

If your dog gets into a fight, call the police.

If there is a fight between dogs, the dogs may be put down.

Dogs may not go onto private property or drive on public streets.

The law also says that you must notify the Department of Natural Resources if you suspect an animal is in trouble.

Dogs can be released from confinement if they are treated humanely.

Dogs must remain in the care of their owners until their owners are able to care for them.

If they’re in the custody of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, the rehabilitator must have permission from the owner of the animal.

The rehabilitator will not release the animal unless the rehabilitators owner is also a licensed rehabilitator.

When you are in a conflict, be sure to take a photo of your dog with your phone and send it to us to help us identify the animal, as well as your contact information.

You can also text our hotline number: 206-972-5277 or email [email protected]

You should contact the Department to confirm the location of the crossing.

If dogs are crossing in a crosswalk, make sure you do not have any dogs in the crosswalk.

If crossing at a school, be careful to keep your dog at the front of the school or the back of the building.

If children are crossing, please call the Department at 206.634.2431 or send us a text message at 206 and we will notify you.

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