What you need to know about the 2018 World Series, including where you should be watching, when to watch and where to eat

By James M. McNamaraCNN  (CNN)The Cubs are not your standard playoff-contending team.

They aren’t playing to win a World Series.

They don’t get their names on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

They aren’t even the most popular team in the National League.

But that doesn’t mean the Cubs aren’t entertaining.

They’re playing baseball on TV, the sport’s biggest stage and most coveted, and they’re doing it in front of an audience that includes the NFL, MLB’s World Series champion, the NBA’s champions, the NFL’s top draft picks, and a bunch of stars in the entertainment industry.

The Cubs beat the Mets in the World Series last year, and this year they are playing to keep up with the teams that have won the most championships.

They have a ton of young players to build around, and their starting rotation features two of the best pitching prospects in the game in Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo.

Their bullpen is the deepest in baseball, with plenty of depth with a handful of starters.

They also have the best young hitter in the NL in Kris Schwarber, who is just 27 and should get even better.

The fact that they have two World Series champions is just icing on the cake, and it’s a perfect fit for this year’s Cubs.

The team’s new stadium, Wrigley Field, is an absolute bomb.

It has a retractable roof that lets the Cubs stay in Chicago’s famous midwinter weather, and the Cubs have added an extra $250 million in the process.

The park, which opened in 2021, has also become the team’s home, with a new retractable scoreboard, luxury suites, food trucks and a new concession stand.

The new ballpark, dubbed Wrigleys Field, has already attracted millions of fans, and there are no plans to move it to another city.

The club has built a brand-new clubhouse that will feature a $1.6 billion, $250-million-plus luxury box, which includes a $250,000-a-game suite for each of the 20 players on the Cubs.

They also have two new restaurants in the stadium, one called O’Hare and the other at Wrigs, and have plans to add another in the near future.

So, what to watch?

The Cubs have played every team in baseball at least once, and every team has been competitive and won at least one World Series championship.

This year, they are the most likely to win it, though they might not win the title outright.

But this is an opportunity to be one of the most entertaining teams in the sport.

This is the World

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