How one swimmer’s personal life and her pool heater helped save her life

A woman’s swimming pool heater is making a huge difference in her recovery.

Marysia Swan lives in South Carolina.

She’s an avid swimmer, a strong runner and a strong fighter.

Her pool heater keeps her warm.

She told Recode on Tuesday that her family had been considering selling their home, and they needed to get it fixed to make money for the renovations.

So, she went looking for an option to replace the heater.

“I looked for a pool heater that was cheap, and it was going to be my primary source of heat, so I went to Home Depot and bought a lot of these,” Swan said.

Swan had the heater in a garage for a couple of months before she realized that her pool was no longer cold.

Swan said the heater is a big part of her recovery and that it helped her to feel less numb after her injuries.

Swan and her family decided to sell the house and move to South Carolina in August, and the house sold quickly.

“We had a little bit of money left over, and we were ready to get started,” Swan told Recoding.

“It was a real good opportunity to move away from home, get away from my family, and start my own life, and I really loved it.”

Swan said she has a lot more time in her life now.

She plans to start a new job and she has plans to open a fitness studio.

“If I don’t do it, then the other two things I really like about this whole process is that I’m a great team player,” Swan explained.

“So, I’m gonna be working on it.

I’m going to start making some more videos and then I’m definitely going to keep working at it.”

Swimmers in a pool with a heater are usually warm.

Swan is now trying to get her house ready for another remodel, which will involve the replacement of the heater, so she can get to work on the rehab.

Swan told her story to Recode about her recovery, her decision to keep her pool warm and her hopes for the future.

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