How to tell if your pool is leaking?

Posted October 09, 2018 07:06:33If your pool water smells of chlorine or ammonia, it’s probably leaking.

A recent article on The American Conservatives’ blog shows that pool workers in Colorado Springs are having a tough time getting their pools clean because the city’s public water supply is failing.

The city’s water treatment plant has a high percentage of lead-contaminated water, which is why water quality testing has become so difficult.

“If we have a large amount of lead, we don’t have enough chlorine, and the chlorine in the water is not strong enough to neutralize lead,” John Paz, the city of Colorado Springs’ public works director, told The American Current.

“And we don´t have enough of anaerobic bacteria to kill bacteria and neutralize bacteria.”

A 2015 EPA report found that the city has an estimated lead concentration in some of its water that exceeds the EPA threshold for safe drinking water.

Paz said that the lack of an adequate treatment plant to remove lead is a concern, as well.

Paz said the city is looking to buy a treatment plant that could handle a lot of the lead, but that could be months away.

He added that the state is working to get more money for the city.

“This is one of the most toxic places in the country,” Paz told The Current.

“We need a lot more resources, and we are not getting them, because we are failing at that level.”

Colorado Springs water officials told the Denver Post that they have received $8.5 million in federal funding to upgrade the water treatment system, but said that additional money is needed to fix up the lead-tainted water.

The American Conservative’s post also notes that a new, expensive technology to remove contaminants is not a panacea.

“In fact, it can actually increase the risk of toxic algae blooms,” Pz said.

“A recent study in California found that chloramine was more likely to cause algae blooming when used in the same amount of water as chlorine.”

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