When Luscious Swimsuit Is Not Enough: I’m A Girl and Swimsuit is Not Enough

Lusious swimsuit brand Lusiotic was founded in 2003 by Jessica Eckerly and Katie Wirz, with the goal of creating a fashion that “is both feminine and comfortable.”

Ecker, who is also the executive director of the nonprofit Center for Women in Technology at Rutgers University, explained in a statement: “I believe in creating a safe space for women and girls to express themselves and share their dreams for the future.”

And Lusotic, which also sells swimwear to men, has been called “the most popular swimwear brand in the world.”

According to a 2010 survey conducted by Glamour magazine, Lusiotics brand has been rated by GQ as “most stylish,” “best-dressed,” and “most supportive” of all of the swimwear brands it partners with.

A spokesperson for Lusiotics told the Huffington Post that the company’s focus is on empowering girls by empowering them to be themselves, and to not be afraid of expressing themselves through their fashion choices. 

Lusiotic has launched six swimwear collections, including the popular “I Love You, I’m Lusi,” and is currently in production on two more swimwear lines. 

The brand, which launched in 2011, also has a line of “feminine underwear” with a new collection called “Love & Honor.” 

Larusios swimwear line includes swimwear for women, men, and children as well as swimwear designed for men. 

In October, Larusios partnered with Glamorific, a fashion site that specializes in fashion and lifestyle content, to offer readers a free trial of their swimwear collection. 

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